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Become Digital Marketing Specialist 2020

The profession of digital marketing specialist, Among young professions, owing to the emergence of the spread of the Internet and the development of the sphere of electronic commerce (e-commerce), the work of a digital marketing specialist (abbreviated DM or IM) has the greatest demand and prospects.

digital marketing specialist
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Understanding the prospects of online sales, every type of offline business seeks to move to the Internet and advance there, and this requires digital marketers. The main task of this specialist, often also called a digital (digital) marketer, is generally the same as that of an ordinary marketer – promoting products or services to the market in order to attract the attention of the target audience.

Digital-marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

The difference lies in the specifics of the field of activity, since a web marketer uses a different set of tools to analyze the market and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. But the essence of the work remains the same, and in order to understand how important it is, you need to learn – the work of a web marketer largely determines how much a company operating on the Internet will sell goods or sell services.


Thus, a digital marketer is a person, on whose actions the efficiency of the business and the amount of profit received in the field of e-commerce depend. Understanding the responsibility of the mission for which this specialist is responsible, it is worth considering what he usually does.

Obligations of an internet marketer

Before becoming a digital marketing specialist, you need to understand – this specialist must be a real all-rounder, understanding all areas of e-commerce. If, for example, an SMM specialist (promotion of social networks), a targetologist (advertising in social networks), a contextologist (advertising in search engines) or an SEO optimizer (website promotion) are versed exclusively in their niche, then IM should know the features of each of these professions, to effectively interact with individual specialists to create and implement a comprehensive plan for the promotion of goods and services.

digital marketing specialist
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Curiously, many employers do not yet fully understand who they are hiring, which is why the functions of a marketer are transferred, for example, to a targeting specialist or an SMM manager. For this reason, the listed narrowly focused specialists themselves often begin to study in depth the field of Internet marketing in order to compete more successfully in the labor market, provide their services with better quality and get more profit.

The professional duties of IM, which distinguish it from other Internet professions related to the advertising of goods and services, are:

  • determination of the target audience and its needs;
  • mastering global trends in the market;
  • creating a brand and increasing its awareness;
  • bringing goods and services to the Internet market;
  • development of PR-campaigns and their analysis, etc.

Considering that Internet marketing is constantly evolving, new tools and techniques are regularly appearing to implement a strategy for promoting products or services, the composition of the target audience is changing, we can confidently say that a digital marketer is obliged to control business, instantly reacting to any changes in promotion conditions.


Tasks of a digital marketing specialist

The main task for digital marketing specialist is the formation of sustainable interest, and with it the demand for the promoted product from the target audience. In this regard, IM is obliged to solve the following tasks in the process of professional activity:

  • analysis of website traffic, online store and social networks, tracking key performance indicators (KPI);
  • communication with potential clients;
  • development of a promotion strategy and control of implementation;
  • creating catchy content (writing marketing texts, email newsletters, creating advertising banners (creatives) and viral videos);
  • analysis of the marketing strategy of competitors;
  • tracking goods / services that form strong trends in the market;
  • Coordinating the actions of individual professionals (designers, the SMM managers, contextology, targetology, copywriters, SEO-optimizers, web analytics, content management, etc.).

A good specialist needs to understand the tools of Internet marketing, skillfully applying them in practice in order to attract the attention of potential customers. The proof of the effectiveness of the web marketer’s work is the increase in interest in the company’s product from the target audience.

digital marketing manager
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What personal qualities a marketer should have

Internet marketing is a field in which you need to regularly look for fresh ideas, develop new concepts for product promotion and increase sales. Due to this specificity, a professional must have:

  • An analytical mind. About 50% of a marketer’s job is to analyze his own actions and the steps taken by competitors.
  • Creativity to provide a creative approach to completing tasks, as generating bold new ideas and constant experimentation is a major part of the job.
  • Flexibility in decision making to quickly adapt to new business conditions.
  • The desire to constantly evolve, since the field of Internet marketing is changing rapidly and significantly, requiring constant self-education.


The effectiveness of the IM work directly depends on how well he understands who his audience is and what its need is. For this purpose, the available statistics are carefully studied, revealing the characteristics of people’s behavior when interacting with a site or page in social networks. To successfully use this data to increase sales, you need to understand the processes:

  • increasing conversions (targeted actions);
  • usability improvement (usability);
  • lead generation (making sales).

Despite the fact that a digital marketer must know marketing, and it is also easy to cope with tools such as social networks, online advertising, SEO, targeting, and the like, this work is not at all hard and not routine, but, on the contrary, is relatively easy, creative and, importantly, in demand and very well paid!

digital marketing specialist salary
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What a web marketer needs to know and be able to do

  • To evaluate ongoing advertising campaigns, you need to be able to work with popular analytics systems – track metrics, set goals, create counter code, and even put it on the site, especially when it comes to landing pages created using designers. Google Analytics and other Metrics are used for websites, Facebook Pixel for social networks.
  • To understand who the advertisement will be shown to, you should be able to compose a portrait of the target audience and use software (for example, VK parser) to identify interested user categories.
  • Know the requirements of social networks for advertising materials (how much text is in the picture, banner size in pixels, video length, etc.).
  • Be able to work with popular image editors (on PC – Photoshop, on the web – Canva) to create promotional materials.
  • Be literate and know the principles of writing sales copy, touching the pains of the target audience and offering solutions.
  • Create advertising accounts, carry out initial settings, know the interface of the FB business manager, etc.
  • Understand the principles of building a sales funnel, be able to use them, distinguish between cold, warm and hot audiences.
  • Be able to work with popular e-mail newsletter services.
  • Know the basics of SEO (be able to identify relevant keywords, understand the difference between commercial and search queries, etc.).
  • Learn all the popular terms in internet marketing (CTR, PPS, LTV, CPM, CPC, CPA, etc. (see other terms on my blog)).
  • Understand strategies for attracting attention, understanding the differences between direct selling “head-on” and using lead magnets (discount, consultation, free webinar, etc.).
  • This is far from a complete list, but you should not be afraid of the abundance of information, because under the guidance of an experienced mentor, important gaps in knowledge are closed quickly, and everything else is learned by itself in the process of work and does not take much effort in assimilation.
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Levels of “digital” marketers by experience

Junior, Middle, Senior, Lead, Top. Before considering the salary figures for promotion specialists, it should be noted that they are conditionally divided into two categories:

  • beginner;
  • professional.

A beginner IM is a person with general theoretical knowledge in the field of Internet marketing. Often they do not remain newbies for long, because in six months people who actively immerse themselves in the topic already become serious professionals. This is another significant advantage of being a web marketer – fast career growth.


As mentioned above, Internet marketers often apply to specialists in website promotion (SEO) and social networks (SMM) or in certain types of advertising (context, target), since their work forces them to be actively interested in Internet marketing, introducing its techniques to improve the result. Until these specialists acquire comprehensive knowledge, they are also classified as beginners.

A professional Internet marketer is a person who thoroughly knows the techniques of Internet marketing and has honed them in practice. Such a specialist in part acts as a SEO specialist, an SMM manager, a targetologist, a designer, a copywriter, etc. Knowledge of these areas of promotion, combined with a set of knowledge in the field of marketing, allows him to see the big picture of what is happening, creating and implementing market penetration strategies. Understanding this, it is worth looking at how the work of a beginner and experienced IM is paid.

digital marketing specialist salary
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How much does a digital marketing specialist make

The average salary level in USA is as follows:

Top-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

  • $32.50 per hour
  • $66,318 per year

Senior-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

  • $35.50 per hour
  • $49,318 per year

Mid-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

  • $18.88 per hour
  • $39,281 per year

Junior-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

  • $16.50 per hour
  • $34,318 per year

Starting level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

  • $15.59 per hour
  • $32,422 per year


How to become a digital marketing specialist

It is easy to find a marketing profession in ordinary universities, but web marketers are not trained there. You can master this profession offline only in specialized IT schools, of which there are very few, and they are concentrated in several large cities. Well, it is possible to understand Internet marketing yourself, but it will take more than one year.

Therefore, there remains one option – to go through online training by completing special courses. In this case, you can count on obtaining a comprehensive amount of knowledge, completing an internship in a business actually operating on the Internet, as well as receiving a certificate of education in the field of Internet marketing, which will greatly simplify further employment.

I have several compilations on complex internet marketing and specialties. Here they are:

  • Comprehensive Internet Marketing.
  • SMM promotion.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Targeted advertising.
  • SEO promotion.
  • Web analytics.
  • Copywriting.

And now the task! We suggest you check how ready you are to work as an Internet marketer. To do this, review the list of the following terms and write two numbers in the comments. The first will be the answer to the question, how many of these words you have already heard, and the second number will be the meaning of how many terms you really understand.


So here’s the list itself:

  1. AdWords.
  2. B2B.
  3. B2C.
  4. CAC.
  5. LTV.
  6. CMS.
  7. CPS (PPS).
  8. CTR.
  9. CPM.
  10. CPC.
  11. CPA.
  12. CTA.
  13. CPL.
  14. CPM
  15. CRO.
  16. CRM.
  17. Landing.
  18. Leads.
  19. Upsell.
  20. Usability.

For example, if you have heard about 15 of these terms, and you know the exact meaning of 5 of them, then you can write “15/5” and, if you wish, add something from yourself. Perhaps you think that there must have been other popular terms among those listed, then be sure to indicate this.

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