Best Insurance for freelancers 2021

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Best Insurance for freelancers 2021

Work under protection: Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers

First, let’s define the freelancer. If you are doing business or freelancing in the United States, you combine entrepreneurship with your main job – by law you are self-employed (A freelancer) or, more simply, an entrepreneur. This means that they must be insured in the SVA social fund. You will learn about the amounts of freelance insurance premiums and the rules for their payment from this article.

Best Insurance for freelancers
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What is included in the social security of the self-employed freelancers?

  • Medical insurance – 7.65% of gross income (from 32$ to 434$ per month).
  • Pension insurance – 18.5% of gross income (from 77$ to 1048$ per month).
  • Accident insurance – 9.33$ per month (regardless of income).
  • Unemployment insurance – 1.53% of gross income (from 6$ to 87$ per month).


Important! In USA, policyholders receive a 20% deductible for medical services, so they pay a fifth of the cost of a doctor’s visit and drugs themselves. Those who undergo a routine medical examination can cut the franchise in half (up to 10%).

“WORK UNDER PROTECTION: Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers” is a product for those who:

  • Leads an independent entrepreneurial or other professional activity
  • Receives income from this activity
  • Does not involve hired workers to carry out its activities

A freelancer is the master of his life. His income depends only on himself. Freelancing gives a person a sense of freedom, but at the same time imposes an additional responsibility on him.

If the activities of a freelancer bring his client physical or material damage, the freelancer is obliged to compensate him. He is responsible for these obligations with his property.

If, as a result of an accident, a freelancer is hospitalized, he will not be compensated for the lack of income during the treatment period.

What should a freelancer do to avoid these unpleasant situations?

“WORK UNDER PROTECTION: Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers” allows you to receive financial protection in the following cases:

  • If a client demands compensation from a freelancing person for the damage caused to the client’s property or health. The insurance company will indemnify for damage up to the sum insured under civil liability insurance*.
  • If a freelance person is hospitalized as a result of an accident, he will receive compensation from the insurance company. Compensation for each day of hospitalization, starting from the 5th, is 0.5% of the sum insured for accident insurance.

“WORK UNDER PROTECTION: Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers” is SIMPLY. CONVENIENTLY. PROFITABLE.


Key insurance product benefits:

  • Readymade solution
  • simple design
  • the ability to choose the size of the insured amount
  • making a decision by the insurance company to compensate for damage to a self-employed client, including out of court
  • claims for the damages are accepted up to 180 days after the expiration of the insurance contract, if the damage was caused during the validity of this contract

Insurance coverage covers:

An individual aged 18 to 64 full years at the date of the insurance contract, who has the status of self-employed freelancer or meets the criteria for the type of activity required by law for self-employed freelancing, and also meets the conditions of the policy.

Insurance for freelancers 2020
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How are insurance payments calculated?

The basis for calculating insurance is gross income from self-employment:

Gross income = sum of all income – operating expenses

  • Holders of WKO business licenses, even without earning income, pay SVA “minimum insurance” – 1,500-2,200$ per year.
  • Individuals who are not engaged in trade and do not have a WKO business license pay if their income reaches 5,100$ per year or more.


Important! In the first three years of activity, an entrepreneur can take advantage of an installment plan – pay for the minimum insurance without taking into account income. However, in the fourth year of activity (based on the results of work for three years), the insurance fund will issue a general invoice to him with the amount of accumulated “savings”.

Only persons insured with SVA for the first time can use the installment plan, and only once.

Within two months after the payment of income tax, the entrepreneur is obliged to notify the SVA of the amount of income exceeding 5,100$. Violators pay a “fine” – additional insurance in the amount of 9.3% of gross income.


To conclude a contract, it is enough to choose the amount of the insured amount and pay the insurance premium.

Sum insured1500$2250$4000$
Civil liability insurance1350$2500$3500$
Accident insurance300$500$1000$
Insurance premium20$35$50$


Civil liability and accident insurance in the amount of up to 4000 dollars, costing from 20 dollars.


Purchase a policy now and get additional financial protection for your professional activities.

To conclude an agreement, contact an employee of your preferred insurance company.

  • Application for insurance payment under the insurance policy-offer “Work under protection. Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers”
  • Notification of the occurrence of an event that has signs of an insured event under the insurance policy-offer “Work under protection. Comprehensive insurance for the freelancers”

* Detailed insurance conditions, including a list of insurance risks, rights and obligations of the parties to the insurance contract, exclusions from insurance, the procedure for terminating the policy, the procedure for determining the insured amount and the amount of the insurance payment, are contained in the policy and the Insurance Conditions attached to it.

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