earn a lot of money with blog

Earn a lot of money if You have a Blog

Well, don’t get discouraged. The operable word in that crying out for help, the frustrated cry is “yet”. There will come a time that your blog will make you money. Maybe not a lot. Maybe it won’t be enough to let you rely solely on it for your online money-making, but it will happen. You have to believe that. Here are some ways that you can grow your blog and patiently wait, even be surprised when your baby comes to daddy and starts putting the Benjamins in the Bank. 

Ok, we’ll settle for Hamiltons!

Check Your Blog Analytics and Adsense Reports Only Once Per Week

If you’re new to blogging or have a brand new blog, then you won’t need this anyway. There won’t be any real substantial data to learn anything from yet. It’s hard, 

I know. Just resign yourself to the fact that it isn’t about the traffic or money…yet. You have bigger fish to fry.

Post Everyday To Grow Your Blog Archives And Indexed Pages

The more content you have, the more pages you’ll have that indexed. It’s a big sea, I know, but statistically speaking, the more of your blog that’s out there then, the more likely it is that you’ll be found. 

Earn a lot of money

Quality blog posts that people actually want to read (and maybe entice them to hang around your sites for a bit and read more) is the name of the game.


Link to another post in your blog at least once within each new post. Use anchored text for one of your keywords. It’s more than likely that someone is reading your post on baking recipes because they’re interested in baking recipes (I know, call me a genius!), so why not link them to another relevant post on your site somewhere!

Build Backlinks Naturally

monitor backlinks

Backlinking has been a big topic of discussion here as of late for two reasons:

They send juice to your site for PR (so-so on the importance list), and they give readers another way to find you (important!)

I think they’re fun to do. 

I’ve been making YouTube videos and writing for sites like Hubpages, Amazines, EzineArticles, and Squidoo with my anchored text and links.

Build backlinks.they’re fun and needed. Just don’t pay for them. That’s just weird…like carnival folk. Shiver…

Supplement Your Work At Home Income While Your Building Your Blog

Write for sites that need the type of great SEO content you’re putting out there. Places like Textbroker, copywriter, and Elance are always looking for those types of things.

Better yet…you should do this:

While you’re waiting for your blog to start making money with residual income, why not write for sites that offer the same thing? Yahoo! Contributor Network, Hubpages, Squidoo, Suite 101, and Triond all pay based on pageviews and/or advertising clicks on their pages with your content. 

This will compound your income when it does start picking up…

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