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Earning with Blogging & Adsense Is Not So “Spot On” Sometimes

I was dilly-dallying around with the new Adsense dashboard, or interface, or control (whatever the heck you wanna’ call it) today, and I did something that I didn’t like so much. It was kind of weird and exciting for “Blogging For Dads,” too.

Have you tried the new Adsense thingy-ma jiggy? Cool, right?

This is what I did and how it can mess around with what ads are actually being shown on your blog.
If you go to the new Adsense control panel and then click on “Allow & block ads” and then on advanced settings, you’ll see three options:

Internet-based ads preference
Third-Party Ads preference
Social Ads preference

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Let’s talk about the first one, “Internet-based Ads Preference.” Mine was turned to “on” or “green check” mark, and I’m pretty sure this is the default setting for most people. If you find this to be different, then please let me know.

Anyway, when it’s on, that means Google will show ads based on the “user interest categories.” This means that whatever your reader has been searching for, or reading about, will be shown in the ads on your page.
Hopefully, when people find Blogging for Dads, then they’re interested in blogging and stuff. Those ads will show and be a more user-friendly experience.

My Blog Logic Gone Wrong

I push a lot of traffic via Twitter to this site, and I thought, well, I want the ads to show what I’m blogging about and not necessarily what the user has been reading.

Here’s how this works:
Let’s say one of my visitors has been searching for Bic Lighters all day long. I don’t know…they just wanna’ know more about them. That user has Twitter open and one of my tweets, pointing to my “Dad’s Love Their Babies and Blogs” post. But when he or she gets here, then all they see are ads for lighters or e-cigarettes. I don’t want that. I want my ads to be about what I’m about.


Ironically, since they came to my Blogging for Dad’s site, then the next site they go to will be more apt to show blogging ads. This has something to do with the cookies, right? Anyway, I don’t want that. I just don’t.
I want my site to be about blogging and showing ads that will help people to do that.

Here’s How It Didn’t Work

By changing “Internet-based ads preference” to off, or the red position, then my site will only show ads based upon what my content is about. And this is great. Until…

Until you write a blog post entitled “Blogging Like A Meatball” and you mention spaghetti sauce in your post 4 or 5 times. All of a sudden, you have the damn Food Network and Papa John’s ads all over your blogging site!

Well, let’s say that I dislike that even more than the Bic Lighter Scenario.

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