Start a Blog and Earn Money

Start a Blog and Earn Money

Many bloggers don’t find that out until they’re riddled with the feelings of failure and frustration.
Most bloggers will never get to reap the monetary rewards of blogging because they didn’t enjoy the non-monetary awards in the beginning. They don’t stick around long enough to see them. Others will blog, make a little money, but then burn out anyways.

Start a Blog and Earn Money

Start a Blog and Earn Money

Don’t get me wrong. Once a person starts to blog and realizes they love it, and then LEARNS a little bit about it, they are naturally going to want to build other blogs and sites to make money with. What I’m talking about are the people who start BLOGGING in order to make money.
Those are the guys and gals that don’t make it.

Want to know if you should blog or not?

Ask yourself this one question before trying to answer that one: Would you still be blogging if you KNEW that you would never make another penny from it?

That’s a simple question, and it should come with a simple answer based on your simple WANTS, NEEDS, and DESIRES.
Personally, I believe that I’d blog even if meant no more money. Why? I just like to post and see the writing on the internet. Now, would I blog as much? Nope. We get too caught in the making money part that we forget why most of us even thought about starting a blog in the first place. And what is that reason? Well, it’s different for most. I’d say the majority of us though, had a PASSION for writing and/or a PASSION for a particular topic.

earning money

Making money with a blog should be secondary.

We all want to call the ads on our sites, “sponsors” but we don’t want to treat them that way.

A sponsor is someone who throws some money at us to keep us going. An ad is something that a business does for itself.

To be sponsored is to have someone INVEST AND BELIEVE in you. An ad is self-serving. Don’t get it twisted.
Keep Blogging Because You LOVE it and Hang Around…You Just Might Make Money Later Call me stubborn.

While other blogs that I have are making money, and I love working them, Blogging for Dads just hasn’t panned out that way. But I’m not gonna’ give up on it. I like it here too much. It was my first blog. It’s the blog that I struggled over to understand what the hell blogging really was.
It has gone through changes.

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