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It occurred to me that we’ve done a lot of talking lately about dads blogging and working from home. There have been posts on where to go to find freelance work and how to manage your time.

We’ve given information on schedules, scholarships, and how to blog for money using sponsored posts.

But we haven’t even done a piece on where to go to start blogging.

If there are dads who are reading this site but are sitting on the fence as to whether really want to delve into blogging for residual income, then let me apologize. But, we’re going to fix all that right now. Here are a few ways to get a blog or two going quickly, easily, and for free.


get passive income using blogger

Too easy! You go to the Blogger page (linked for you because that’s how I am) and just follow along.

There is no confusion with Blogger! You create an account using your Gmail info or another email account.
That’s the hard part! Once that is done, you are about 4-5 clicks away from actually blogging.


And if there is any confusion, Blogger has provided you with links to a tour and video tutorial right at the bottom of their page.

Google is the man behind the curtain with this platform, and they can easily be monetized with Adsense and the Amazon Associates Program.

how to start blogging

The platform has one thing about it that is totally great and simple while maddening and constraining at the same time.

The ease at which you can change templates, layout, and content is super-wicked easy, but the same characteristic also makes it very hard totally customize them.
And, of course, it’s free, so you’re going to have a URL that belongs to them. Example:

If you’re a brand new blogging dad and want to go on a “test-drive,” then this is the platform I would recommend.


tumblr blogging

Another free blogging platform and hosting service and a good place for the novice blogger is Tumblr.
In fact, in many reviews, the people who seem to have the most trouble with Tumblr are experienced bloggers.

It’s kind of like that first girlfriend that you’re trying to get used to and not feel awkward around because it’s all so new!
Tumblr seems to a good place for microbloggers as well.


You can post quickly and often and reminds some of a Twitter on caffeine and steroids.

In order to keep it “free” and have it hosted by the site for your trial run, you’ll need to keep a .tumblr URL. Again, that’s cool…you’re just trying to get a feel for blogging right now.
Monetizing a Tumblr blog is also not the greatest way to go if you’re looking to make money, but there options with some customization scenarios.

Keep in mind though that the Tumblr community does not look at themselves as one with commercial aspirations.

As a result, there are no tools for tracking conversion or clicks in the Tumblr user interface.

Tumblr is basic, more so than, and is keyed in on the beginner blogger, and you can be up and running in minutes.

For a great Tumblr, review check out this post by Jill Duffy over at


Out of all the free blog platforms, WordPress may the best one out there. It provides a perfect mixture of usability for both the novice and experienced bloggers.

While there is a slight learning curve for the newbie, it can easily be maneuvered and can be fun to learn.

For the experienced Blogger, they will be happy to have some control options over layout and appearance that the others don’t offer.

The dashboard actually looks like a blog interface tool!

Many new bloggers may become frustrated with the initial time investment that it takes to get used to maneuvering around, but there is one thing that WordPress has that really blows Tumblr and Blogger away.

The Widgets.

Widgets are those things that you see on the side of most blogs that have cool flashy things and counters in them like search fields, recent comments, and an RSS feed. has these things as well but you’ll find that by some genius design abstraction that WP’s are just more fun to use.

Again, these are all viable blogging platforms and some use only these. In any event, if you want to work from home and create a real residual income you’ll find through use and research that you may want to switch platforms at some point.
That’s good! But for now just get your feet wet and find out what blogging is all about.

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