Today the world is developing rapidly with technology. New technologies, innovations, and creations are added to the world every day.

Many of these innovations are developed by software engineers, data analysts, and people involved in many technical matters. How do they develop these? the secret is programming knowledge. Therefore, let’s discuss about learning programming.

Learning programming

What is a programming language?

Simply, a programming language is a language that can understand by computers. Because of cannot understand human languages to computers. Computers can understand only binary numbers.

In other words, computers can understand only 0 and 1. If not, true or false. True means 1 and false means 0. We use a programming language to understand something to computers.

What are programming languages should I learn?

It depends on your scope. That means what are you learning a programming language for? Because there are various fields in the industry that you can involve. For example, Web development, Mobile App Development, Data Analysis, Robotics, Data security,…, etc. So, programming language depends on your scope.


If you like to develop mobile applications, you can learn programming languages like Java, Kotlin, dart, swift, javaScript,…, etc.

If you like to develop web applications, you can learn programming languages like javaScript, java, PHP, typescript, python,…, etc.

If you have an idea about being a data analyst, you should learn the python programming language. Because there are various types of programming languages are there.

leaning software engineering

How long does it take to learn programming?

It depends on your pre-knowledge about programming languages. Because if you have any pre-knowledge about programming languages, learning a new programming language is very easy.

Because you already have knowledge about programming language concepts like OOP(Object Oriented Programming), SOP(Structured Oriented Programming).

But if you don’t have any programming knowledge, learning programming language concepts may difficult at the beginning. However, over time you can improve your programming knowledge.

There are lot of resources on the internet for learning programming languages. For example,, Also there are lot of articles on the internet.

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